Main Objective

It is the responsibility of the Airworthiness Directorate to ensure that all aircraft in Nigeria are airworthy, i.e. fit to fly. DAWS also inspects and certifies aircraft according to established procedures; proposes, revSome descriptioniews and approves designs, repairs and modifications; ensures that safety requirements are complied with and, where deficiencies are identified,  corrective measures are taken (through letters, fines, suspension of certificates, etc); supervises the whole aviation industry in order to align it with global aviation trends and propose corrective measures to ensure air safety.. The Directorate has developed procedures governing aircraft type certification, validation and continuing airworthiness matters; the examination of current and new international and foreign airworthiness standards for adoption in national requirements; conduct of written and oral examinations for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers; the review and processing of applications for issue of various certificates; the issuance of Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO), Air Operators certificate (AOC), Operations Specifications (OPSpecs) in conjunction with Directorate of Operations and Training (DOT); and the monitoring of continued structural integrity of aircraft in the country. Functions For a better oversight of all aircraft in the Nigerian airspace, the Directorate has employed, trainined and put to service additional Safety Inspectors. This has greatly enhanced the Directorate's ability to handle both maintenance and core engineering surveillance within the aviation industry. In addition, DAWS conducts safety audit and inspections of all aircraft operators in the country and notifies individual airlines of relevant findings for their corrective action.