Technical Library


To keep the Authority and the Nigerian Aviation community updated, with regard to Technical working Information Resources.


We offer dependable library and Information services to the NCAA and the entire Nigeria Aviation Community through organised REFERENCE SERVICES

(a)To guaranty the up – to - datedness of Technical working information Resources.
(b)To ensure overall efficiency in the NCAA through up to date Information.


  • Selecting needed Technical working Information Resources in concert with the Technical Directorates and units of the Authority.
  • Acquiring Technical Working Information Resources in Cooperation with Aviation Technical Publishers.
  • Organizing such Resources to guarantee easy and painless retrieval.
  • Dispensing such Resources to ensure the widest use and exploitation.
  • Liaising with Technical Publishers to keep abreast with latest up – dates and Publications.
  • Encouraging Information search and use both within the NCAA and further afield, in the industry.
  • Assisting with Research and Literature search in the Academia, especially amongst students of Aviation Related Project.
  • Periodic Selective dissemination of Technical Information, through the instrumentality of our Technical Library Bulletin.