1. Check-in on time. It is advised to check-in two

(2) hours before boarding for domestic flights and three

(3) hours for International flights.

2. Acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions attached to the ticket as well as asking questions appropriately.

3. In addition to photo identification, passengers on international travels are requested to present passport/ visas or entry/ exit travel documents as well as health or any other document(s) required by the applicable regul ations.

4. A passenger may be refused carriage if she/he fails to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

5. Mandatorily undergo security and safety checks, recommended by the Government/Airport authorities as well as those authorized by the carrier.

6. Be of good behavior at all stages of their journey. Airlines and agencies have a zero policy for unruly behavior.

i. All airport and airline staff deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy. An airline reserves the right to deny boarding/ disembark a passenger for unruly behaviors.

ii. Passengers are prohibited from interfering with flight crew and aircraft attendants.

iii. Offensive, disorderly conduct such as physical assault, verbal abuse or sexual harassment of any airline or service provider staff will attract severe punishment in addition to fines or jail term.

7. Turn off all cell-phones in flight. While safety is the paramount reason, usage of cell phones in-flight is also discourteous to fellow travelers. Passengers who fail to comply may be fined or disembarked from the flight. 8. Report any issues, damaged/lost/delayed/pilfered baggage at the airline office or designated airline official before leaving the airport.