[Current] Monday, August 5, 2019

Second Edition 24 April 2019 Details of the NCAA Policy on Model Aircraft/Light UAV have also been included. Introduction Following discussions at the ICAO RPAS Symposium – African and Indian Ocean (RPAS AFI) at Abuja, Nigeria in July 2017 and ICAO RPAS Workshop held on 19 July 2017, it was considered that sufficient progress had been made in many areas of RPAS/UAS work to warrant a substantial review of the NCAA Advisory Circular on RPAS. In particular, as an upsurge in RPAS/UAS activity is envisaged over the coming years, it is essential that both industry and the NCAA as the regulatory body clearly recognize the way ahead in terms of policy and regulations and, more importantly, in safety standards. With an ever increasing number of manufacturers and operators, it is vital that the regulations keep pace with RPAS/UAS developments, without losing sight of the safety issues involved in the simultaneous operation of manned and unmanned aircraft. As a living document, it is intended that the Advisory Circular NCAA-GAD-AC-002 will be under constant review and that it will be revised, where necessary, to take account of advances in technology, feedback from industry, recognised best practice and changes in regulations, which are developed to meet these demands. However, it is recognised that with continual rapid developments there will inevitably be times when Chapter sponsors will have to be approached directly for further guidance.