List of Licences


  1. Pilot licences:
    • Private pilot licence – aeroplane, helicopter, airship, powered-lift, balloon or glider categories;
    • Commercial pilot licence—aeroplane, helicopter, airship, powered-lift, balloon or glider categories;
  2. Airline Transport pilot licence (ATPL) – aeroplane, helicopter or powered-lift categories;
  3.  Flight engineer licence.
  4. Flight dispatcher licence.
  5.  Flight instructor licence.
  6.  Ground instructor licence.
  7.  Aircraft maintenance engineer licence.
  8.  Aviation repair specialist licence.
  9. Parachute rigger licence.
  10.  Air traffic controller licence.
  11. Aeronautical station operator licence.
  12.  Air traffic safety electronics personnel licence.
  13. Cabin crew licence.
  14. Flight radio telephony operator’s restricted licence.


  1. The Authority may issue the following medical certificates when an applicant satisfactorily accomplishes the requirements in this Part for the medical certificate sought:
    1. Medical certificate Class 1 for CPL, ATPL, and flight instructor licences and for DPEs
    2. Medical certificate Class 2 for student pilot authorisation, flight engineer, PPL and cabin crew licences
    3. Medical certificate Class 3 for Air traffic controller licence.
  2. The Authority may issue the following certificates to pilots, AMEs and flight engineers holding a licence from another ICAO Contracting State
    1.  Validation certificates.
  3.  The Authority may issue certificates of designation to representatives of the Director General of the Authority


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Student Pilot
Private Pilot
Commercial Pilot
Flight Dispatcher
Airline Transport Pilot
Aeronautical Station Operator
Air traffic Controller
Aircraft Maintenance
Parachute Rigger