[Current] Wednesday, January 30, 2019

1.0 GENERAL Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Advisory Circulars from Aerodrome Standards Department contain information about standards, practices and procedures that the Authority has found to be an Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) with the associated Regulations. An AMC is not intended to be the only means of compliance with a regulation, and consideration will be given to other methods of compliance that may be presented to the Authority. 2.0 PURPOSE This Advisory Circular provides aerodrome operators and the public with guidance on how to resolve issues in relation to land use near the aerodromes. It also provides aerodrome operators mechanism to comply with NCAA requirements to monitor and review obstacles in the vicinity of the aerodrome necessary in the safe operations of aircraft. This AC is aimed at a variety of persons who have an interest in the use of land at or near the aerodrome such as:  operators of certified aerodrome;  operators of registered aerodromes;  operators of aerodromes for permit-to-operate  persons responsible in the planning/zoning of land within the vicinity of the aerodromes;  land developers;  technical specialists employed to carry out safety assessments of aerodromes; and  Aerodrome safety and reporting officers.