Director General


The office of the DG/CEO is actively supported by ten (10) Directorates and service Departments such as- Information and Communication Technology, Public Relations, Servicom, Audit, Legal, Company Secretary, Legal Adviser, Aviation Security and NAFIS


The legal department represents the Authority on all legal matters and cases. It offers advice on the legal implications of issues that concern the entire organization. In addition to this function, the unit performs the secretarial function for the whole Authority.

The department officers have participated in important international assignments such as the coordination committee and legal drafting committee at the Cape Town Convention coordination committee of Banjul Accord group toward the implementation of Yamoussoukro Decisions on African Skies Liberalization and the constitution drafting committee of the African civil aviation commission (AFCAC), a specialized Agency of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).


  • Undertakes legal research and provides advisory legal opinions to all Directorates and Departments of the Authority on wide range of issues.

  • Provides legal support to the Authority in all matters.

  • Maintains a listing of external solicitors who may be engaged by the Authority as needed.

  • Monitors proceedings and liaises with the Authority’s external solicitors with respect to litigation, inquires arbitration, mediation and any other dispute resolution proceedings involving the Authority.

  • Sits in/ serves as the Authority’s representative during negotiations involving the Authority.

  • Participates as technical advisers in Bilateral/ Multilateral Air Services Agreement negotiations and Commercial Agreement reconciliation meetings.

  • Participates as legal experts in meetings of international organizations like ICAO, AU, AFCAC, BAG, BAGASOO, and ECOWAS.

  • Represents Nigeria on the Commission of Experts of Supervisory Authority of international Registry (CESAIR).

  • Participates in relevant ad-hoc and special committees set up by Management.

  • Responds to all requests for information under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

  • Provides legal assistance to staff in matters arising from the performance of official functions.

  • Reviews/ drafts civil aviation laws and regulations.

  • Handles compliance and enforcement of civil aviation laws and regulations to ensures compliance with ICAO Critical Element 8

  • Maintains the Authority’s Compliance and Enforcement Action database.

  • Acts as the secretariat for the Authority’s Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit (ACTU).


  1. Serve as Secretary to the Board Committees, including Management or Management Committee meetings; providing guidance to both Board and Management on the best practices in the proper conduct of meetings and corporate governance.

  2. Coordinate all administrative, financial and budgeting issues for Board activities and Board Members, subject to established processes and controls.

  3. Coordinate all correspondence and interaction between the Board, Chairman and Board Members, including preparation of Board Papers, Memos and Minutes.

  4. Coordinate, monitor and follow-up action points arising from Board, Management and Committee Meetings to ensure due and timely compliance status of all such matters.

  5. Coordinate all reports of Management intended for preparation and presentation as Board Papers to the Board, including papers or reports intended for presentation at Management meetings.

  6. Serve as Custodian of the Agency’s Corporate Seal, affixing same unto Agency contracts and documents as duly authorized by the Board or the Managing Director

  7. Assist and advise the Board in the performance of all its statutory functions, compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and adoption of Corporate Governance Best Practices, inviting input where considered necessary from other departments within the Agency. 

  8. Review Agreements between the Authority and Third Party Contractors.

  9. Assisting the Director General in coordinating the domestication, dissemination and compliance within NCAA of policies and best practices received from the Ministry and relevant local and international agencies.



    The Audit Department conducts financial checks on all income and expenditure carried out by the organization in line with the approved financial regulations and government’s transparency policy.


  • To ensure that the Authority’s operating procedures are in line with the financial regulations and extant rules approved by the management are -

  • Strictly adhered to

  • Consistently applied

  • Ascertaining the extent of compliance with established policies, plans and procedures.

  • Identify areas of deviation on time (i.e. Proactive audit)

  • Determining whether variations found were done with intent to defraud the Authority (NCAA) or occurred inadvertently.

  • Ascertaining the extent to which the Authority assets are safeguarded from possible losses which may arise from fraud, waste, operational inefficiency, mismanagement and poor value for money.

  • Examining financial and operating information for the management decisions including detailed testing of transactions, balances and procedures.

  • Making special enquiries on management’s directives.

  • Reviewing operational practices to promote increased efficiency and economy.

  • Recommending appropriate corrections and ensuring that they are reflected.

  • Recommending additional measures to guard against reoccurrence.

  • Recommending appropriate punishment for anyone who deviates from the laid down procedures with intent to defraud.

  • Recommending operational improvement to management.


    The information and communication technology unit provides the entire authority with high quality information, communication products and services. It maintains office systems. The unit facilitates the gathering and storing of information about the activities of the Authority in a manner that it can be accessed locally and globally via the internet. The unit is responsible for the service and maintenance of authority’s entire modern communication equipment.


    The Public Relations Department is in charge of Corporate Communications within and outside the Authority. Reporting functionally to the Director General, the department serves as the critical link between the DG and the media.

    This is achieved by providing accurate and timely response to issues through the media. In doing this, the DG is able to maintain a high degree of public trust and confidence in the aviation sector.

    The department is structured into five Sections/Units to enhance performance and engender accountability, effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Chief image maker

  • Spokesman of the Authority

  • Gatekeeper of internal / external information for the Authority

  • Responsible for the corporate image of the Authority

  • Engendering goodwill between NCAA and its publics

  • Creating healthy working environment

  • Planning and execution of a media campaign

  • Relating with the outside world on behalf of the Authority

  • Administering human and material resources

  • Versatility in every area of the Authority’s operations

  • Knowing the policy direction of the Authority and be able to contribute to its formulation, execution and defence if the need arises.

  • Ensuring that the Authority maintains a common identity on all issues at all time

  • Prepare / contribute to public speeches to be delivered by the management

  • Represent the Authority at public functions as may be directed by management

  • Planning and Budgeting

  • Collecting data and writing of high quality press releases

  • Preparation of high quality scripts for publication in the internal / external media

  • Take record at the Authority events / meetings with other corporate organizations

  • Advert placement – Print / electronic media

  • Servicing the Notice Boards with news bulleting

  • Press monitoring – print electronic media

  • Press briefings / conferences

  • Facilitation of Sponsorship of corporate events and

  • Any other Public Relations / Related activity as may be directed by management.

    The five Sections/Units that the department is structured into are:

  • News / Programme

  • Publications

  • Community Relations

  • Admin./ Protocol & Passages

  • Photography & Documentation


  • Any other business as may be assigned by the General Manager.


  • Media management

  • Responsible for promotional activities other than the ones handled by the advert and sponsorship unit

  • Collation of all materials for newsletter and other publications.

  • Production/Printing of NCAA newsletter, Brochure and Flyers

  • Press Cutting and Television/Radio Monitoring of NCAA programmes.

  • Responsible for creation and management of NCAA Social Media

  • Writing of News Release and Feature Articles

  • Any other business as may be directed or assigned by the General Manager.


  • Responsible for packaging Christmas/other festive reason gift to journalists and other clients of the Authority.

  • Printing/production of complementary cards

  • Newspapers and magazines supply, subscriptions

  • Responsible for all advert and sponsorship matters

  • Production of Corporate Gifts items

  • Any other community related social responsibility and other business as may be directed by the General Manager.


  • Responsible for Exhibitions both local and international.

  • Coverage of events not organized by the NCAA but in which the Authority is invited and making reports.

  • Production, refurbishing and replacement of sun shades for the traffic controllers, waste disposal bin etc.

  • Responsible for the Authority’s social corporate responsibilities, thus – organizing secondary/primary school tours for enlightenment programs for the school pupil.

  • Responsible for the movement of Department Bus – assigns the Bus and other departmental vehicles to users with clearance from the General Manager.


  • Responsible for administrative duties of the department – leave roaster, allocation of IT/core members to available offices within the department.

  • Responsible for decoration of the Authority's events .

  • Responsible for requisition of working needs of the department from the store when necessary.

  • Responsible for raising funds for the above

  • Responsible for raising funds for the above.

  • Responsible for the departments' social engagements – birthdays, send forth engagements, meeting entertainments, entertainments for journalists in the event of press conferences.

  • Responsible for video/photo coverage of every event of the Authority as may be directed by the General Manager and making the same available on request by the GM and the department.

  • Manage the Authority’s studio.

  • Custodian of all departmental electronics equipment- including the video camera, photo camera, recording and transfer equipment amongst others.

  • Keep a record of the equipment and makes them available on request by the GM and the department.

  • Responsible for the procurement and maintenance of working tools including materials for use by the Video/Camera unit.

  • Any other business as may be directed by the General Manager.



    The Servicom Department has a direct report to the Director General/Chief Executive with the mandate to address issues of service delivery to both internal and external customers of the Authority. This is in line with the change agenda of the Nigerian Government in the provision of citizen focused service delivery.

    All Ministries and Government agencies have been charged to provide quality services timely, fairly, honestly, effectively and transparently to both Nigerians and Foreigners who are their customers. SERVICOM- Service compact with all Nigerians was established to drive this initiative and to co- ordinate all matters relating to service delivery in Nigeria.


  • Entrenchment of service culture in NCAA
  • Continuous monitoring of service delivery
  • Monitoring of work environment, tools and performance
  • To vet and review the Authority's charters to ensure conformity with Servicom approved guide lines
  • Printing and launching of NCAA service charter
  • Provision of materials and tools to monitor service delivery including suggestion boxes as feedback mechanism to report service failures
  • To periodically publish summary of complaints, commendations and compliments from customers about the Authority
  • Monitoring of service delivery/ standards in foreign airports for exposure and comparison with global standards
  •  Formulation of the Authority's integrated and local charters and make same available for public information.
  • The document tracking office serves as a first point of call between our external customers and flight standard group (FSG).
  • To coordinate all Servicom matters i.e. customer relations, grievance redress mechanism, charter implementation and service improvement, thereby ensuring Servicom compliance
  • To coordinate stake holders' consultation forum on service delivery
  • To Develop and carryout sensitization programmes for the Authority on service delivery
  • Quarterly visitation to selected local Airports and to NCAA regional offices, for monitoring activities
  • To carry out survey and research on Global best practices in line with the Authority's business and ICAO (SARPs).
  • Quarterly meeting of Servicom Committee.
  • Nodal Officers' networking meeting.
  • Workshops, seminars and training programmes on service delivery.



  • Developing and maintaining the following Aviation Security Programmes and ensuring compliance by the stakeholders: NCASP (National Civil Aviation Security Programme), NCASTP (National Civil Aviation Security Training Programme), NQCP (National Civil Aviation Quality Control Programme) and National Cargo and Mail Security Programme.

  • Approving and monitoring for compliance the security programme of aircraft operators, catering service providers, cargo operators and agents. Others are airport concessionaires, air navigation service providers, fuel marketers and handling companies.

  • Ensuring compliance with ICAO and National SARPs as regards aviation security activities in Nigeria through:

  • Inspection (weekly & quarterly)

  • Daily monitoring

  • Survey (bi-annual)

  • Test and

  • Audit exercises

  • Ensuring compliance with ICAO and National SARPs through inspections of all airports where Nigerian registered aircraft operate schedule flights to and from Nigeria.

  • Processing of approval of Aviation Security Service Providers to operate at the airport.

  • Certification of Aviation Security (AVSEC) Screeners.

  • Certification of Aviation Security (AVSEC) Training Providers.

  • Authorization of Aviation Security (AVSEC) Instructors.

  • Resolution of security concerns and making appropriate recommendation.

  • Investigation of security incidents.

  • Dissemination of threat information to the relevant security agencies and other stakeholders. 

  • Review and recommend for implementation appropriate aviation security technology.

  • Ensuring the safe transport of dangerous goods by air.


In consonance with Act 49 Establishing NCAA, saddled with the statutory functions of Safety Oversight of Civil Aviation in Nigeria. NAFIS is one of the Departments equipped with the capacity to provide safety oversight of navigational facilities/airspace systems across the airports in Nigeria.

This is achieved by flight calibration, inspection, surveillance and monitoring by ensuring that the signal-in-space from navigational aids and associated facilities meet the quality and standards stipulated to support their respective instrument, en route /approved procedures.

Hitherto, the Navigational Aids Flight Inspection and Surveillance department of NCAA is saddled with the statutory functions to conduct oversight function on Navigational Aids facilities and airspace systems, coalition of flight data for quality assurance purpose and assign status classification of a facility based on the technical data/parameters obtained as well as initiate NOTAMS when applicable.

NAFIS also provides the ground for the breeding and enhancement of the technical manpower capacity need for NCAA and the aviation industry in general.