[Current] Monday, August 5, 2019

Five Phases of ROC Certification Process Reference to Regulations NCAA- GAD-AC-004 Feb, 2017 Page 2 1.0 REFERENCES Nig. CARs 2015 Part & IS 8.8,1,33, 2.0 PURPOSE This Advisory Circular (AC) is issued to provide general information and guidance to applicants for the certification and approval of organisations and operators of RPAs in compliance with the Civil Aviation Regulations. This document also provides guidance to NCAA staff on the processing of operators certificate and approvals. While this document prescribes a means of compliance with legislation, alternate procedures demonstrating an equivalent or greater level of safety may be considered on a case by case basis. 3.0 STATUS OF THIS ADVISORY CIRCULAR (AC) This AC is the first to be published on this subject in Nigeria and is subject to review as the need arises. 4.0 APPLICABILITY This Advisory Circular (AC) contains the guidelines and instructions for the operator’s exposition for operation and management of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and all persons involved in the operation of RPAS that are controlled under the authority of the holders or applicants of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Operator’s Certificate (ROC). 5.0 THE CERTIFICATION AND APPROVAL PROCESS The following certification and approval process provides for a continuous interaction, from the applicant’s initial enquiry to the issue or denial of the requested certificate/approval by the Authority. It requires that the applicant’s proposed programmes, systems. Arrangements, personnel, and intended methods of compliance are thoroughly reviewed, evaluated and tested. There are five phases in the process for the remotely piloted aircraft systems operator and organisation certification and approvals respectively. Each phase is described in sufficient detail to provide a general understanding of the entire process. During certification, the process is followed in sequence in the order indicated below. In order to move to the next phase the preceding phase must be completed successfully. 5.1 PHASE 1: PRE APPLICATION PHASE This phase will be used to evaluate the complexity of the proposed operation. The certification process will be regarded as a project. This allows the establishment of the certification team based on the complexity of the certification. The assigned Certification Project Coordinator (CPC) will be designated as the principal spokesman for the Authority during the certification process